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Tsaatan The Totem Peoples Preservation Project, essay by Dan Plumley, president The Totem Peoples Preservation Project, newsletter summer 2002 Cultural Survival, essay by Emily Chang IIAS International Institute of Asian Societies, Reindeer People Imperiled Reindeer People, Mongolian Reindeer Fund

Evenki  The unofficial Evenki homepage, Joachim Otto Habeck  Wikipedia Encyclopedia about Evenki   List of links for Evenki

Reindeer Husbandry  Sustainable reindeer husbandry  Artic Council  Norwegian reindeer husbandry, addresses  Nordic Council for reindeer research  Nordic Sami Institute  University of Tromsö, Center for Sami Studies  Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology  Reindeer husbandry on the Chukotka Peninsula  about Chukotka by Patty Gray  Human Role in Reindeer/Caribou Systems  links Arctic Council



Cultural Survival, Totem People Preservation Project 215
Prospect St. Cambridge, MA 02139 , P.O. Box 746
Tel. (617) 441-5400
President: Dan Plumley Box 746 Keene Vally,
NY 12943 Tel (518) 576-4430

The Mongolian Reindeer Fund
Mr. O. Skhbaatar
Central P.O. Box #8, UB-13 Mongolia
Tel. 310248, 343536

The International Institute for Asian Studies, Main Office
Nonnensteeg 1-3,
2311 VJ Leiden, the Netherlands
Postal address:
P.O. Box 9515,
2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands
Telephone:+ 31 - 71 - 527 22 27
Telefax:+ 31 - 71 - 527 41 62
E-mail address:
ABN AMRO (Leiden University)

Taiga Nature Society of Mongolia
Mr. Tsogthsaikhan Purev, Mr. Battulga Solnoi

Association of World Reindeer Herders,
Johan Mathis Turi, president
Tel: 004777656400

If you want to contribute, please contact The Totem Peoples Preservation Project or the Reindeer Run.
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